The Ingredients & How to Use

GOOD IDEA contains a specific blend of five broken down proteins called amino acids. These amino acids act like little worker bees for your body. When paired with a mineral called chromium picolinate, they work together for your metabolism which helps to reduce your blood sugar after meals and provide you more stable energy.


Amino Acid Blend

For priming the metabolism

You might consider the amino acids inside of GOOD IDEA to be more like worker bees for your metabolism. They are known to help with repairing tissue, supporting metabolism, and rebuilding muscle.


For immune health

Zinc is a mineral essential for building muscle and deending our body agains germs. Adding zinc to our diets can help to reduce inflammation, improve immune health, and speed-up healing.


For hydration

Potassium is a mineral and an electrolyte that helps with hydration. It is found in foods like spinach and squash.

Chromium Picolinate

For promoting insulin sensitivity

Chromium picolinate is a mineral our bodies need to survive. You can find it in foods like broccoli and legumes. In GOOD IDEA chromium partners with the amino acids to help keep insulin levels in a normal healthy range.

Real Non-GMO Flavors

As natural as our Swedish roots

We wanted to stick to our natural Swedish roots, so of course, our flavors are absolutely natural and non-GMO. We make our flavors by heating fruit to separate the calories from the berry essence. No BHA, propylene glycol, GMOs, and no sneaky junk in disguise!

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Use GOOD IDEA with Your Next Meal

GOOD IDEA works to reduce blood sugar spikes by over 20% following a meal. Drink 1/3 can of GOOD IDEA before you eat then finish the rest along with your meal for best results.

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For More Energy and Balanced Blood Sugar

GOOD IDEA is the result of nearly 20 years spent researching foods found in nature. Real data, real results.