The Evolutionof GOOD IDEA Drinks: From Idea to Scientifically Proven Drink

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The story behind the creation of GOOD IDEA started with a meeting between two innovative thinkers in Lund, a university town located in the southern part of Sweden. Professor Rickard Öste, the inventor of the original oat milk and founder of Oatly, was seeking new challenges and opportunities. It was during a meeting with his colleague Dr. Elin Östman, a food scientist at the same university, that he found what he was looking for.

Dr. Elin had dedicated 15 years of her career to researching and testing various food concepts with potential health benefits. In the early 2000s, she and her team made a groundbreaking discovery - by combining five specific amino acids, they were able to effectively reduce the blood sugar spike that occurs after a meal. This unique recipe was patented, and when she shared it with Rickard Öste, they both knew they had stumbled upon something truly remarkable.

With the help of Rickard's brother Björn Öste, a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Oatly, a company was established. Their mission was to develop the world's first scientifically proven functional mealtime drink with the ability to balance blood sugar levels - an essential factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To further enhance the efficacy of their product, the amino acid blend was combined with chromium picolinate, an essential mineral known for its ability to enhance insulin sensitivity. After conducting clinical trials to fine-tune the ratio, the results were impressive - GOOD IDEA drinks were able to reduce blood sugar spikes by an average of 25%, making every meal a little healthier.

Dr Elin Östman
Rickard Öste

Before launching GOOD IDEA in the US, the core team was expanded with another seasoned entrepreneur. Doug Carlson, the co-founder, and brand-builder behind the international success of FIJI Water.

Bjorn Öste
Doug Carlson

So, how does GOOD IDEA work?

Good Idea helps your body harness its natural energy by effectively transporting the fuel from food into the cells. The result is more balanced blood sugar. When we stabilize our blood sugar levels we help to reduce post-meal fatigue, diminish sugar cravings, and increase focus and mental clarity. Maintaining balanced blood sugar takes strain off the body, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight, and reduce inflammation and risk factors like type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and Alzheimer's.

It's important to note that the creation of GOOD IDEA didn't happen overnight - it was more than a decade in the making. We conducted extensive research and carried out numerous clinical trials to perfect their product before bringing it to market. As a result, every can of GOOD IDEA is backed by hard evidence and proven results.

Each GOOD IDEA drink is carefully crafted with natural flavors such as sea berry, Wild Raspberry, Black Currant, Swedish Lemon, and Strawberry Elderflower, making it a delicious and refreshing option that helps to prime metabolism and balance blood sugar.