How To Get Rid Of Fatigue: The Ultimate Guide

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue: The Ultimate Guide

Tired all the time? When you're fatigued, it can be extra tough to do everything that needs to be done.  From working and taking care of your family to going out with friends - feeling tired takes its toll.

But there's good news. With a few easy tips, you can give your energy a much-needed boost and you just might feel that rejuvenation you've been craving. Let's lose the fatigue and build a healthy plan to keep it away...every day.

What Is Fatigue?

Fatigue is the feeling of being tired or exhausted. It’s a sense of weariness and lack of energy. You may feel fatigued because you have not slept enough, cannot get off the couch, or are struggling with depression.

Causes Of Fatigue

There are many potential causes of fatigue. Some people may simply be tired due to lifestyle choices. They may drink too much alcohol, sleep too little, or work at a job where they’re always on the go. Other people may have chronic fatigue that can't be traced back to one cause.

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue

Two simple ways to lessen fatigue are eating right and sleeping right. Eating foods high in protein can help your body build up its energy reserves so it has more fuel to use throughout the day. And as always, getting enough sleep is important for energy, overall health and refueling for the next day's tasks. Aim to clock 8 hours a night, if possible. 

Let's explore a few other simple lifestyle changes that can help lessen fatigue and keep energy on the upside.

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You could try meditation for peace of mind and a clear head. Meditation has been proven to increase energy levels and reduce stress.

And if all else fails, take some time for yourself! Maybe it’s just taking a nice bath or reading a book on the weekend, or even taking an out-of-town trip for a break from your daily grind.

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Get Enough Sleep

Most people need around 8 hours of sleep per night. If you're not getting enough quality sleep, try going to bed earlier. You may also want to cut back on caffeine and alcohol, both of which can interfere with how much sleep you get.

Getting enough sleep is one of the best ways to get rid of fatigue. Your body needs time to recharge and process everything you do, so getting enough rest is essential. 

You may have heard that 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night is ideal for adults, but this will vary depending on your age. A study recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep for people between 18 and 64 years old. How many hours of sleep you need will depend on your individual needs.

Tips For Falling Asleep Faster

If you need help getting more sleep, try these tips to fall asleep faster:

  • Figure out what time is best for your body to go to bed, then stick to it as closely as possible each day;
  • Stick to a bedtime routine that helps you wind down before hitting the hay;
  • Have a comfortable bed;
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool when it's time for bed, so your body knows this is the time to go to sleep.
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Exercise Regularly

Exercise is another excellent way to boost energy levels. Physical activity releases endorphins that make you feel good, regulate blood flow, and help you sleep better. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

If you’ve been feeling tired, it might be because you’re not exercising regularly or you live a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym in the morning before work, try to take a 10-minute walk during your lunch break or in the evening. If you have an exercise bike at home, use it while watching your favorite show on TV. 

Physical performance is a natural way to reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality. And not only will your energy levels increase, but you may also lose weight!


Eat Healthy Foods

Eating nutritious foods helps your body function at its best. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also, try to eat foods that are high in protein. This will help give you energy throughout the day.

It’s important to eat healthy foods to stay energized. When you eat too much unhealthy food, your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Eating healthy food will give you more energy and keep you feeling healthier overall.

A well-balanced diet provides you with the nutrients your body needs and will make you feel better for longer periods. Protein is one good example of a nutrient that can help boost your energy levels.


Balance your Blood Sugar

When you hear blood sugar your mind might jump straight to diabetes, however, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of high blood sugar even for non-diabetics. Keeping your blood sugar from spiking provides more stable energy, less cravings, and better mental clarity. 

Here is why: when your blood sugar surges, insulin has to scramble to get it under control. High spikes in insulin production can also mean high levels of tryptophan entering the brain. The result is drowsiness. 

Even if you don't have diabetes, you may have wild swings in blood sugar after eating some foods, a new study at Stanford has found.

If you find that you are tired almost every day around the same time after lunch, then you may be experiencing the fatigue that comes from unbalanced blood sugar.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration can cause fatigue. Drinking water throughout the day will help keep you hydrated and energized.

When tired, it’s common to skip out on drinking enough water. But when you feel dehydrated, your body craves liquids that aren't necessarily good for you.

Drinking more water will help your body be hydrated and give you more energy. You can also use the time spent drinking water to do some deep breathing exercises or meditate for 5 minutes.

Get Checked For Anemia

Are you feeling exhausted? One of the first things to do is get your iron levels checked. Even if you’re eating a diet rich in iron, even if you're eating a diet rich in iron, your levels may still be running low.

If you’re feeling more tired than usual, it might be because you are anemic. Iron deficiency can happen when your body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. This means that you will feel fatigued and have trouble concentrating or remembering things.

It also means that your immune system is compromised, and it makes it harder for your bones to create new cells. If this sounds like what you are experiencing, talk with your doctor about getting your levels checked to ensure the cause is not anemia before exploring other remedies.

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Take Breaks

If you're feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, take a few minutes to relax and rejuvenate. Take a walk, listen to music, or read your favorite book. Maybe you need a day off from work or just some time for yourself to relax and recharge. Taking a break can help you come back stronger than before.

Manage Stress

Chronic stress can be a significant contributor to fatigue. Try some stress-relieving techniques like yoga or meditation if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Emotional stress can be just as draining as physical stress. When you're feeling overwhelmed, take a few minutes for yourself to practice some deep breathing exercises or listen to calming music.

There are many ways to relieve stress, so find the ones that work best for you and stick with them!

Add More Protein To Your Diet

Protein is a macronutrient, which means it’s an essential part of the diet, and a lack of protein can lead to fatigue. Low levels of vitamin D have also been linked to chronic fatigue.

For example, adults need about 600 units of vitamin D daily for good health. If you don't get enough sunlight or eat enough vitamin-D-rich foods like eggs or fish, you can you can add a supplement to ensure your body is getting enough of this essential nutrient.

Avoid Too Much Caffeine And Nicotine

There are many reasons why you might feel tired. One of them is that you’re not sleeping enough. Another reason could be that you have too much caffeine or nicotine in your system.

These substances can cause fatigue, so it’s important to limit your intake. Try going for decaffeinated coffee or tea, and avoid smoking cigarettes.

Get Medical Attention For Underlying Causes

If you have a medical condition that is causing your fatigue, it’s important to find out and seek treatment. Your fatigue may be the result from an underlying condition such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, or Lyme disease. The sooner you identify and treat the cause of your fatigue, the sooner you'll feel better.

Try Supplements

One of the most common ways to combat fatigue is by taking supplements. There are many different kinds of supplements on the market specifically designed to fight fatigue.

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Don't Forget About Support Groups

If you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to turn, seek out a support group. Many groups are available for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or other conditions that can cause fatigue.

Talking to others who understand what you're going through can help you find ways to cope.

How To Stay Energized Throughout The Day

One good way to fight fatigue is eating a breakfast packed with protein. This will give you an energy boost and help you feel more awake and alert throughout the day.

Another smart way to stay energized is by drinking plenty of water. Drinking water throughout the day will not only help you feel better, but it can also help your digestive system work more efficiently. This means you’re less likely to experience any stomach pains or discomfort.

In addition to making sure that you’re getting enough fluids, make sure to take a break from sitting down. It can be easy for people with desk jobs to get stagnant and lose hours sitting in one place. Try standing up, stretching or taking a short walk every so often and see what a difference it can make


Fatigue can be a real drag, literally - both physically and emotionally. It's important to take time to get to the root of your fatigue and take steps to treat it and re-energize moving forward. 

With so many ways to combat fatigue, from eating protein-packed breakfasts, getting ample sleep and taking supplements, to seeking a doctor's help or the advice of friends and family, you'll be back to feeling like yourself in no time. 

Eat right. Sleep. Hydrate. Move. Fatigue doesn't stand a chance.