How To Boost Energy When You Are Tired: Tips And Tricks


Being tired is a part of life, and it can happen at any hour or day. However, when you feel constantly exhausted, there might be a bigger underlying issue with your health.

It’s hard to stay energized all day when you are tired. Our vitality is our fuel for life, and when it runs out, we feel exhausted, lethargic, or just plain lazy. This can have a negative impact on your productivity levels at work or school, not to mention the effect it has on your quality of life. 

If you are looking for ways to boost your energy levels naturally when you are tired, here are some tips and tricks that might help fight fatigue!

Why Are You Feeling Tired?

There are many reasons for your mid-afternoon energy slump. You might be sleep-deprived or have a poor diet, for example. If you find that you're feeling the effects of a lack of sleep, try going to bed earlier and turning off your devices before bed to give yourself ample time for rest.

If you're feeling the effects of a poor diet, start adding more fruits and veggies into your day. You can also drink more water to stay hydrated and reduce the risk of dehydration.

Don't Wait Until You Are Tired To Give Yourself A Boost

When we wait until we're feeling drained of energy to try to find ways to boost it, we're not giving ourselves the best chance of success.

As your body's energy stores deplete, your brain will release hormones that will make you feel tired and sleepy. That means that when you feel this way, it is harder to think clearly or come up with creative solutions.

The next time you feel tired, take a few moments to assess what might be causing it. Are you hungry? Dehydrated? Sleep-deprived? All of these things can cause fatigue levels to rise significantly.

By making a few minor adjustments before you get too exhausted, you can help prevent fatigue from getting in the way of achieving your goals or becoming a distraction in your life.

Tips And Tricks To Boost Energy Levels


Drink Plenty Of Water Throughout The Day

It is recommended that we drink half our body weight in ounces because it acts as a natural energy booster. For example, if our body weight is 150 pounds, we should drink at least 75 ounces of water per day (or 12 cups). 

It is crucial to drink cold or room temperature water rather than warm or hot water because cold and room temperature water will not deplete your energy as quickly as hot water (this includes coffee!). The energy depletion also depends on how hydrated we already are.


Eat Healthy Food

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to help keep your mood and energy levels stable. This doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of all the delicious foods in the world, but cut out the processed carbs and sugar.

Harvard Medical School has stated that “eating healthy foods can make you feel more energetic, focused, and productive.” Foods like leafy greens are packed with energy-boosting nutrients like iron and B vitamins. This will make your body run at its optimal levels and allow you to be more energized throughout the day!


Exercise Every Day

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to have more energy, exercise is the answer! All you need to do is get up and move. This is especially true if you feel tired because of a lack of sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should get 7 hours of quality sleep each night to maintain their energy levels. Even if you don’t get enough sleep, you can get an energy boost by exercising for 10-15 minutes.

Physical activity doesn’t just give you an instant energy boost, though; it can also help regulate your appetite so that you don’t crave unhealthy snacks to satisfy your hunger needs at roughly the same time.

It also helps release endorphins that can improve your mood, which will make it easier for you to tackle other tasks that might be difficult when feeling tired.

If getting up and moving isn't something you like doing (or think is possible), try other forms of exercise like yoga or even light stretching before starting your day.


Take Care Of Your Skin

One of the best ways to boost your energy is by taking care of your skin. When you take care of your skin, collagen and elastin production increases, which helps repair damaged skin. The result? Your skin becomes more resilient, which naturally boosts your energy levels.

The best way to keep your skin healthy is by drinking lots of water, wearing sunscreen daily (especially if you are out in the sun), and eating a well-balanced diet.


Plan Out Your Day Ahead Of Time

If you plan out your day ahead of time, it is easier to stay energized. It would help if you planned out when you will sleep, work, and exercise. A great way to do this is by writing a schedule for the day and including these three things in the schedule.

If possible, work on tasks for a shorter time before you rest for more extended periods. This will allow your body to recharge and prevent fatigue. You should also take 10-minute power naps during the day if possible and drink lots of water!


Nap (But Not Too Long!)

Napping is a great way to boost energy when you are tired. A short nap (less than one hour) can help you feel more awake and refreshed. It also improves your concentration and cognitive function, making it easier to focus on the tasks at hand.

The best thing about napping? It doesn't take much time out of your day! If you start feeling fatigued in the afternoon, go ahead and fall asleep for around 20-30 minutes before starting work or school again. You'll be able to focus better and not experience as much fatigue throughout the day.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress is a common culprit for feeling tired. It’s essential to find ways to manage your stress levels, such as through exercise or meditation, to ensure that you are not overdoing it and making the problem worse.

Research suggests that people who did not manage their stress levels were more likely to feel exhausted and burned out. Take some time during your day to do something that relaxes you and gives you a break from the stress of life.

Healthy Foods That Boost Energy

Try to plan your meals ahead of time and include many vegetables, some fruit, and some protein.

Some healthy options for boosting your energy with food include:

  • Pumpkin seed butter
  • Green tea
  • Brown rice
  • Apples
  • Beans
  • Lean meats
  • Whole grains

There are many ways to boost energy levels, but one of the most effective is eating nutritious foods. A lot of people think that food is just for taste or pleasure, but what you eat has substantial health benefits. And it’s not just about what you eat. It’s also about what you drink.

Eating healthy can help prevent fatigue because healthy foods provide fuel for your body. This could come in the form of complex carbohydrates or proteins that are good for maintaining blood glucose levels throughout the day. Healthy foods will also help to keep your metabolism going at a steady pace!

One way to ensure you are getting enough nutrients is by making sure you are eating breakfast every morning. This will give your body time to wake up and start digesting, getting ready for the day ahead.

You should also try to snack less often, as this can lead to dips in energy later in the day. If you need something to tide you over until lunchtime, try fruit!

Biorhythms And How They Affect Our Energy Levels

It might sound a little hokey, but biorhythms are real. They have been studied extensively by sleep specialists and have proven to accurately determine when you are at your peak energy level.


Remember To Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is important, and it’s also a great way to boost energy. Get some rest and make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. A good night’s sleep can help your body restore itself from the day.

Resting can also give your brain a break from all of the thoughts that may be bugging you during the day. When you get enough sleep, it will be easier to think more clearly and have more energy.

Another thing that might help with boosting your energy is taking care of your mental health. Just one person can’t solve everything, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

Whether talking to someone or getting professional counseling, there are options available to help you feel better about yourself and improve your mood. Doing this will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything!


There are many ways to boost your energy, but there is no "one size fits all" solution to feeling energized. The trick is finding what works for you and sticking with it!

Boosting your energy and keeping it up throughout the day can be tricky, but we can do things to make it easier. Some ways you can help yourself feel more energized include: managing stress levels, staying organized, taking care of your mental health and physical health, eating healthy foods (and not snacking), and observing your biorhythms.

Take small steps and try to incorporate each of these ideas throughout your day and you will soon start noticing a difference in how you feel.