swedish lifestyle

Say "Sweden", many people think of ABBA, DIY furniture from IKEA, lingonberries and meatballs. While these are certainly products of Sweden, what really characterizes the day to day lifestyle of the Swedish people?

If you’ve ever visited Sweden or have had the opportunity to meet a Swede, you probably already know wellness is more than just a phrase. Wellness is the core of our culture--it refers to a deeper lifestyle of health and connectedness that we seek to live out every single day.

Feeling good and living good are the true mark of wellness. We feel that the keys to a better life are good health, exploring creativity, staying close to nature, and deepening our connection with others.

It may then come as no surprise that Swedes have among the longest life expectancies in the world. This is partly due to a robust and mostly free welfare system, but also because Swedes prioritize wellness. An annual minimum five weeks holiday, an eight-hour work day and a general pension also help to increase the quality of life.

And when you feel good, you live a good life. And when you live a good life, you make choices that keep you feeling good.

We’d like to think we share that with you in every single can of Good Idea.

Did you know?

Sweden has a thriving population of creatives, most globally recognized are those in the music industry. ABBA, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia and Ace of Base are a few well-known examples.

For being such a small country, with less than 10 million inhabitants (as point of reference, California has a population of 35 million), Sweden is also responsible for an impressive series of inventions throughout history. Rechargeable batteries, Swedish massage, zippers, propellers, computer mice, artificial kidneys, dynamite, and safety matches are just a few examples.