Made with 5 essential aminos and chromium to cut your blood sugar spikes after a meal

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The Healthy Sparkling Water that Actively Cuts the Blood Sugar Curve and Reduces Food Coma

You ever feel lethargic after digesting a meal? That's all natural. But a lot of common foods cause the blood sugar to spike and put a strain on your body. Unfortunately this is the case with many of the foods we tend to love in our dear society.

Good Idea is your solution. At its base only using 5 aminos acids and chromium, with zero sweetener or calories, it is a simple way to cut the spikes and give your body a break. Meaning less of a post meal slump by leveraging your natural energy. 

It's not rocket science, but there's more than 20 years of research behind Good Idea. Its blend of five amino acids and chromium is scientifically proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal by, on average, 25%. To put it simply, the amino acids prepare the metabolism to take care of the carbs in a better way, while the small amount of chromium* fine-tunes the process even more and reduces the sugar cravings. The effect has been confirmed by independent studies in Sweden, Germany, Canada and the US (Orlando, FL). Dive deeper into our science here…or get a more visual version at Good Idea TV.

Björn Öste CEO of Good Idea, speaker at Brunchworks

Hi, Thanks for listening in on our Brunchwork Sunday 3/29. I truly enjoyed meeting you all. In this times, maybe more than ever, it is important to think about our health. Therefore I'd like to extend an offer to all Wharton Alumni to try Good Idea at a 25% discount! Good Idea is a truly unique sparkling water that will help regulate your post meal blood sugar and cut your sugar spikes with 25-30%. Send me a note and let me know what you think. Did you feel energized after lunch? Did you notice you did not feel hunger in the afternoon in the same way? Did you still have any sugar cravings? Good Idea fits right in there with your Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Kosher plates. Its amino acids are also great to help restore muscle mass after your workout. Stay healthy and remember to always wash your hands.


Björn Öste is a Swedish serial entrepreneur with a M.Sc from Linköping University, Sweden. He and his brother Dr.Rickard Öste, PhD in Food Science and Professor at Lund University, started developing oat milks in the mid 90s and founded Oatly in 2001. In parallel with building Oatly to a true world leading plant based dairy company, in 20008 he and his brother founded Aventure AB, an independent Food Tech Lab. Their ambition is to target some of the worlds most pressing health issues with clinically proven functional foods. Today Aventure has R&D in Sweden and in HK and has spawned off a number of truly revolutionizing foods and beverages based on ground breaking innovations. Good Idea is their latest beverage company targeting Diabetes prevention globally.

Disclaimer: Product only available in the United States.

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