What kind of machine do you want your body to be?

Your body becomes what you eat. Few people would object to that statement being true and valid both literally, and referring to the understanding that what you eat and drink can have a significant impact on your health, wellbeing, and performance.

Biohackers are a growing group of people that take this to a new level. Seeing their bodies as machines that can be optimized by the right kind of “fuel” – food, exercise, sleep, etc – biohackers spend a lot of time trying to measure, understand and improve their own functions. There´s a wide span of biohackers. Extreme “Grinders” can apply electricity to their brains and make implants of electronic devices to perform better. “Quantified self”-believers will measure different bio-markers to monitor and fine-tune their body functions. And some biohackers are using Nutrigenomics to understand how their bodies react to different kinds of foods and substances in what they eat and drink.

I have spent the last 20 years researching the preventive properties of foods. And even if I find some of the bio-hacking activities a bit too extreme, my research has taught me that what you chose to eat and drink can make a real impact on your health and performance, in both the short and the long perspective. To me, bio-hacking could be something as simple as eating and drinking in a way that keeps you satisfied and lets you avoid the sluggishness and cravings that often appear after eating. When you understand how your body and metabolism works, you can use that knowledge to make a change. Simple as that.

The mealtime beverage I co-invented, Good Idea, is built on a solid understanding of human metabolism. Clinical studies show that the five amino acids in Good Idea can prime the body to take care of carbohydrates from food in a more efficient way. The beverage – basically sparkling water – also contains some chromium that helps the insulin to push the energy from carbs (glucose) into the cells more efficiently. The result is a fine-tuning of the metabolism at the time of the meal, leading to a more controlled blood sugar curve, and a body and brain that stay agile and energized.

And the fine-tuning doesn´t stop there: by streamlining the process of energizing the cells, the carbs included in the diet will be utilized more efficiently. This can be especially important for those who chose to live by carb-restricted diets like Paleo, Keto, LCHF, High-fiber or GI. Research has also shown that some carbs are needed to metabolize the high proportion of proteins in these diets in a healthy way. Adding chromium to a weight-loss, or weight-management diet also has a proven advantage of increasing the mass of fat loss while maintaining muscle.

So – even if Bio-hacking isn´t the first thought that comes to my mind when I have a Good Idea with my meal, it certainly adds to the view “your body becomes what you eat” and even a small and simple change can make a significant difference. If you ever had a post-lunch slump you know precisely what I am talking about.