Good Idea – a perfect fit for bikers!

Good Idea is functional sparkling water with a blend of amino acids and chromium that balances you blood sugar and contributes to efficient metabolism of macronutrients. I asked my colleague Arne who is a passionate mountainbiker how he includes Good Idea in his preparations before, and recovery after a race.

Before: “The days before a race I usually eat lots of pasta and other carb-rich foods to preload my energy magazines. Hydration is also an important part of my preparations, and I drink a lot of water. When you drink Good Idea with your meals, two things will happen (in addition to the hydration effect): you will get a more balanced blood sugar curve, and the chromium included in Good idea will help your bode take up and utilize the macronutrients in your food in a more efficient way. You will arrive at the starting grid loaded and with a body ready to perform”.

During: “During a long race, I want my regular, energy dense, isotonic sport drink, and I wouldn´t drink anything carbonated. I would leave Good Idea to the audience”. 

After: “No matter how satisfying a good race can be, it´s a fact that the hard work puts a strain on your body as well as on your metabolism. Re-load is just as important as the pre-load, and it usually includes hydration as well as filling up the glycogen depots with carbs. Good Idea balances the effect of these, and the amino acids included supports the building up of muscle tissue again after the hard work” .

Thanks, Arne for sharing. In short – Good Idea and biking seems to be a Good Idea!

Since I regularly get questions from people with diabetes about the blood sugar balancing properties of Good Idea, I need to point out that all our clinical studies (nine in all) were made in non-diabetic individuals. New studies where we will monitor the effects in individuals with both prediabetes and diabetes are planned for the coming years, but until we have firm results, we will not make any claims for those groups. Having said that, the active ingredients in Good Idea can be found in most regular food and is thus safe for all. Interestingly we get regular feedback from both type 1 and type 2 diabetic individuals reporting that Good Idea help them in different ways, either to improve their insulin sensitivity during a meal, avoiding variations in blood sugar during nighttime or lowering their fasting glucose levels in the morning. We ask you to pay close attention to your individual experience with Good Idea and we would love for you to share it with us.

Good luck on your race day!