Are you ready to share your experience of Good Idea and type-1 diabetes?

We at Good Idea would never make claims to prevent, cure, or treat any disease. On the other hand, we are continually exploring the health-supporting potential of our products, and we always keep our ears to the ground and listen to our customers. I am intrigued to hear from type-1 diabetics that Good Idea can make a difference when consumed with their regular food. Small scale pilot trials with diabetic children and adults in Finland, Sweden, and the US are indicating that their need of mealtime insulin may be reduced when Good Idea is taken just before and with the meal.
This is interesting and holds some promise that we want to dig deeper into. As with all interventions we expect a variation in effects from person to person, and thus we would like to test Good Idea in more people with type-1 diabetes. To learn more, we are actively seeking both type-1 diabetics and physicians within the diabetes space that would be willing to get involved in our trial. Are you ready to share your experience?
We are, of course, aware that the diet of a person with type-1 diabetes should not be changed without first consulting an expert – typically a physician, or a diabetes nurse. In this document (pdf) you will find useful information about our products for you and your health professionals. There is plenty more about the science behind, clinical trials, etc. here on our website. And you are always welcome to contact me in person -you will find my contacts in the downloadable document.

I am looking forward to your call!